The House on Tenafly Road

The House on Tenafly Road

When morphine-addicted Civil War veteran John Weldon marries into the comfortably suburban McCullough family on the eve of Reconstruction and the Indian Wars, life gets complicated.

How will Weldon hide his addiction from the family he resents and admires, keep his standing in the army and find the strength to survive the tragedies that come with loving others? John Weldon spends a lifetime journeying across the frontier only to find that he already has a home.

Forget Me Not

After Lieutenant Fred Crenshaw’s young wife dies in childbirth, secrets are exposed. At the funeral, the Crenshaw and Weldon families confront mortality but also find hope in young love and news of a child brought back into the Crenshaw fold.

In the third book of The Tenafly Road Series, Buck Crenshaw and William Weldon call an uneasy truce. Thankful Crenshaw wrestles with guilt and lack of direction. Lucy McCullough becomes Doctor and Mrs. Crenshaw’s pet and captures Buck’s attention.

The shocking illness of a parent forces members of both families to reveal their hidden desires and to consider what it would take to forgive themselves and others.

Weary of Running

Weary of Running

When West Point Military Academy opens its doors to black candidate Milford Streeter in 1884, Cadet Buck Crenshaw’s moral ambivalence is tested. Will Buck keep his place in the yearling pecking order or throw it away on a stand for Streeter?

After Cadet Streeter sacrifices Buck’s reputation to safeguard his own, Buck escapes to his sister Thankful at Fort Grant, Arizona and meets an old rival, William Weldon. Buck must make a decision about the sort of man he wants to become while witnessing the downward spiral of his favorite sister’s romance with a dashing army lieutenant.

The Dew That Goes Early Away

The Dew That Goes Early Away

After discovering her deceased fiancé Lieutenant Fahy was unfaithful, a pregnant Thankful Crenshaw comes home seeking guidance from her family. Thankful misses the close relationship she once had with her newly religious brother, Buck, who spends his days in the Arizona desert converting drunks and Indians.

One drunk, William Weldon, is Buck’s special case and Thankful’s true love. Little does Thankful know that Buck’s religious fervor is fading and that a violent encounter in the sandy wilderness will bring her brother and William back to Englewood, New Jersey, their bustling 19th century hometown where the three must grapple with the guilt and regret of lost innocence and lack of personal integrity.

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